Trying out Voxel Cone Tracing...

It has been a long time since my last post, and this is just a quick post about what's going on in the past two months. I was trying to implement sparse voxel octree global illumination using cone tracing. Below are some screen shots showing my current progress:

Scene with direct lighting only
Scene with indirect lighting

Voxelized scene
building sparse octree

inject direct lighting to the voxelized scene
Another view of the voxelized scene

creating mip-map of the direct lighting
(mip-map resolution256x256x256)
mip-map resolution 128x128x128
mip-map resolution 64x64x64

AO computed from the voxelized scene
Another angle to view the scene

Scene lit by both direct and indirect light, notice
the shadowed floor reflect the red and blue curtain 
The back of the knight is illuminated by
 indirect lighting only
Another camera angle
Light buffer showing only indirect lighting
Light buffer with both direct and indirect lighting

The above screen shots are captured with 512x512x512 voxel resolution, illuminated by one directional light. The indirect illumination show some flicking when the camera move if the shadowing map resolution is not high. Also the performance is not good on my GTX460, performing anisotropic mip-mapping takes up most of the time... I will write more posts on it after tidying up all the stuffs, hope everything can be finished by the end of this year...