Light Pre Pass Renderer

This is my first attempt to write a DirectX 9 program (I usually write program in OpenGL). I decided to implement a Light Pre-Pass renderer[1], my purpose of this program is to give a try on DX9, and try out different techniques, so the program is not optimized.
Here is the result:

The G-buffer is rendered in the first pass, with buffer layout:
1. Depth (32bits) + (32bits unused)
2. View Space Normal (16bits * 3) + glossiness(16bits)

Then in the second pass, light buffer is calculated for all lights by sampling from the depth buffer and normal buffer using Blinn-Phong Shading. with the following layout:

R channel :  ∑(L.N) Ir
G channel :  ∑(L.N) Ig
B channel :  ∑(L.N) Ib
A channel :  ∑(N.H)^ glossiness
                    , where L is light vector,
                        N is the normal from the G-buffer,
                        H is the half vector,
                        I is the light color,
                        glossiness is the specular power from the G-buffer

Finally, the third pass render the geometry to compose the albedo color with the light buffer.

This screen shot show the depth buffer, normal buffer, the light buffer and the SSAO, rendered with 25 point lights. Currently, no ambient color is used.
In the next post, I will talk about my SSAO implementation.

[2]: The brick texture is obtained from Crytek's Sponza Model:
[3]: The tank model is obtained from an XNA demo project: